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In Allah's Name, who is the most Affectionate, the most Merciful

Our Objective:

Following Prophet Muhammad (Allah's Blessings and Salutations on him)) as the 

"Role Model":,

to strive for Love links among Allah, Man & Environment

Our Keys:

Objective can be achieved through following principal keys:-

Submission:- Total Submission before Allah Subhanohoo Ta'ala.

Sacrifice:-       Surrender of surplus resources in favor of the Environment.     (Human being, Animals, Plants etc.)

Preaching:-     Diverting the environment towards Allah Subhanahoo Ta'ala.

Practicum:-     Practice is emphasis.

The Man/Woman (every Muslim) is to perform pivotal roll in this configuration. "Aulia Allah Foundation Regd." has initiated a chain of programs. Interested volunteers are invited to join us for noble and global cause.

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